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Guiding Light Is Ovah

Posted in Television with tags , on April 2, 2009 by Mario Speedwagon

CBS announced today that they will air the final episode of Guiding Light on September 18, 2009. I probably haven’t watched Guiding Light since I stayed home from school with strep throat in 3rd grade, but that show has been around forever. Seriously forever. It’s older than both my grandparents. Guiding Light has been around since the introduction of the television. It started as a radio show in 1937 on NBC. It moved to CBS as a television show in 1952. Proctor & Gamble (Ivory, Mr. Clean, etc.) said they would try and find a new home for the show, most likely on a cable network. CBS executives blame the economy and the fact that originally, soaps were targeted to house wives and stay-at-home moms, a demographic that sixty years ago made up 63% of women. Now, 60% of women have jobs are not home during the day.

CBS president Nancy Tellem insists that soaps are not “washed up” and that they still make a profit during the day, as the Bold and the Beautiful still attracts somewhere around or over 3.5 million viewers. However aside from Guiding Light, gone are the days of Passions, Port Charles, Another World, Sunset Beach, and a few others, all axed due to lack of daytime viewers (Passions was fucking weird; they had a town witch. Tabitha what up!) Kevin Bacon, Joan Collins, that troll from Heroes, and a few other now-notable television and movie actors have been on Guiding Light. If you want to get famous though, you should try and get on General Hospital or As The World Turns.