I Spend A Lot Of Time Online

First I’d like to talk about how much I am loving Starburst “FaveREDs.” A package of Starburst made up of only the red flavors from the various Starburst types. There is watermelon, cherry, fruit punch, and strawberry.


So yeah, I spend a good bit of my day on the internet. Reading blogs, reading record reviews, writing news stories, doing press releases, checking out bands MySpace pages, updating the Team Clermont webpage, checking out links that have been sent to me via JJ, the Big Gray mailing list, or other friends, whatever. I am always online. Here is some of the random shit I’ve checked out today.

Photoshop Phriday on Something Awful (my favorites are here and here.)

Huffington Post article and live video feed on that Binghamton Shooting.

Watched some unplugged Cursive jams over at Spin TV.

My co-worker made me watch this.

Then I read CNN and about how Iowa is awesome.

I also watched that Borat trailer (posted below) and read Dlisted. Feel free to pass along any stupid shit you think I should check out via comment, email, or gchat.


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